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Over 60 years of know-how.

Who we are

Organix Outdoors began with one goal in mind. We wanted commercial growers, homeowners, airports and golf courses to be able to safely and effectively control their environments while accomplishing their goals.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeowner that just wants to sit in your yard mosquito free or grow some healthy tomato plants, or you’re an airport that wants to deter geese from being a safety hazard to navigation,  or a commercial grower that wants to provide organic produce. Organix Outdoors can meet your needs while keeping the environment safe for your family, your plants and helpful insects like bees and butterflies. We are growers ourselves and we know that it’s just as important to protect the environment as it is to get the job done. Let Organix Outdoors help you do both.


To help you control YOUR environment while protecting THE environment.


To be the foremost provider of organic pest control and growing products.


A product’s effectiveness and its safety must go hand-in-hand.

Safe, Responsible Environmental

The core belief of our company is that for a product to be effective it must also be safe. We feel as responsible stewards of the environment that producing effective products means producing products that are safe for the environment. Not only the environment at large but for you, your pets, your plants, for non-harmful insects and for birds. We can help you deter geese from your space well at the same time protecting the geese. We can help you remove vegetation well at the same time protecting the soil and everyone who uses it. we can help you get rid of mosquitoes and ticks while not affecting bees or butterflies in any way. Safe every time. Effective every time. Organix Outdoors.

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