Flight Control Max – Geese Repellent Duo


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Flight Control Max is NOT available in California, New York, or Outside of The United States

Stop the Drop Geese Repellent Duo (Two 1-Quart Containers) offers all the benefits of the single container, but for larger properties, this Duo pack is just what you need. No longer will you have to worry about geese taking up residence in your yard. Get the peace-of-mind knowing you can walk around in your grass and not have to worry about stepping in goose poop any longer.

A Duo Pack of Stop the Drop Geese Repellent has many benefits:

  • The Duo Pack will treat 20,000-40,000 square feet
  • Humane and non-toxic solution for humans, pets and geese
  • No unpleasant smell once applied
  • Waterproof – won’t wash away from snow, rain or irrigation
  • 6-7 Applications for year-round control

Once applied, you’ll start seeing the benefits of the application in no time. In two-days time, customers have seen a dramatic decrease of their unwanted visitors from the north. Don’t let your home or business become a winter retreat for these feather foes. Purchase your Stop the Drop Geese Repellent Duo Pack today and start seeing the results.