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Keep your plants, produce, crops and ornamentals disease free — organically!

Bee Friendly

Organix Outdoors products are safe, organic and effective, for you AND the bees.​

Pet Friendly

Your pets are important to you and they're important to us. Organix Outdoors products are 100% pet approved.

Family Friendly

Our products protect your whole family no matter how many legs they have.


Organix Outdoors pesticides control YOUR environment while protecting THE environment.

Delivering excellent results for our Clients!


Organix Outdoors products are a safe, organic and effective way to control your environment. Our products enable you to enjoy your space the way you want to enjoy it. Are you having a mosquito problem? Perhaps geese are ruining your yard. Maybe there is a section of grass or weeds you need to clear in order to start a garden. Whatever your needs we have an organic product that can help you shape your environment while protecting it at the same time. Order today!


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Safe, Responsible environmental friendly products that enhance and improve our lives

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