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Keep your plants, produce Disease Free Organically!

Organix Outdoors products can help you make your outdoor space whatever you want it to be. We do it safely, organically, effectively and economically. Whether you want a gorgeous garden, a beautiful lawn or just a pest free environment to relax and play in, Organix Outdoors can get the job done. Safe every time. Effective every time. Organix Outdoors.

100% Organic Products That Are Friendly To The Environment

Organix Outdoors takes the word “organic” very seriously.  We are here strictly to all national organic standards, rules and regulations. For us organic isn’t just a marketing buzzword it’s the way we do business.

Flight Control Max Single Goose Repellent Bottle

Stop the Drop Geese Repellent

The most effective, organic, solution for repelling unwanted geese on the market. Give birds The Bird.


This is our soil fungicide. Penetrates the soil to kill mold before it kills your plants. Effective, 100% organic and safe. Take care of the problem before it's a problem.

ZAP Concentrate

ZAP your mosquito and tick problems away the safe and environmentally responsible way with inexpensive ZAP Concentrate!

Stop the

Stop The Bites will end your mosquito and tick problems. Spray Stop The Bites around your yard where mosquitoes and ticks hide and take back your space. Like all of our other products Stop The Bites is 100% safe for plants, people, pets and bees.

Our Products


Organix Outdoors products are a safe, organic and effective way to control your environment. Our products enable you to enjoy your space the way you want to enjoy it. Are you having a mosquito problem? Perhaps geese are ruining your yard. Maybe there is a section of grass or weeds you need to clear in order to start a garden. Whatever your needs we have an organic product that can help you shape your environment while protecting it at the same time. Order today!